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The Good Grieve and My Good Grieve
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Coping with Holiday Grief

Marceia coaches viewers through the difficulty of celebrating memorable events after loss.

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    Marceia can talk change, work/life balance, and Toxici-Tea!™️ in pop culture segments!

      Emcee Q+A | #emceeqa | Ask me anything!

      Supporting Kids Through Grief

      Marceia Cork gives visibility to childhood grief in her book, My Good Grieve.

      Emcee Q+A | #emceeqa | Ask me anything!

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      Real stories of navigating change with confidence! From my 1:1 sessions and interviews.


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      About Marceia Cork

      Marceia Cork

      SHRM, HRCI, PROSCI® and Grief Recovery Method® Certified, MBE/DBE/SBE (Maryland)

      I’m Marceia Cork, The Change Coach® and I specialize in restorative communication. I help people navigate change by revealing and healing from one central thing.

      (Spoiler alert: it’s grief.)

      I’m the founder of The Change Coach Presents™️—a multimedia brand of books, programs, exercises and live events that are trauma- and culture-influenced, and rooted in communications theory and expression. I do this work to strengthen relationships and families, and to empower my community by exposing the personal and professional limitations of stress and unconscious grief.

      My unique approach to change and transformation by examining underlying grief have been featured in/on The Boston Globe, ESSENCE, Forbes, FOX and more. I’ve created proprietary, non-clinical grief frameworks and exercises, which I demonstrate in my workbooks—The Good Grieve: A guide for exploring what life can look like after loss, trauma and hardship for adults, and My Good Grieve: A youth’s guide to navigating loss, trauma and hardship… the good way! The Good Grieve and My Good Grieve workbooks for adults and youth are available in paperback and eBook on Amazon and wherever books are sold.

      For keynotes and corporate events I deliver my signature talks, like “Surviving the C.R.A.S.H.™️” integrating my Good Grieve framework. I help high achievers and executives identify the grief and change—and ultimately transformation—from stress and burnout, using my 5-point approach demonstrated within the C.R.A.S.H. acronym. My proprietary, sensory-based “Mineful” MetaTation™️, and immersive THAIRAPY™️ experiences are equally popular among corporate clients. Read on for additional information about these signature talks.

      A brand built on non-clinical solutions means having practical conversations and telling relatable stories about unconscious grief and change. So you may also see me lend my voice to the pop culture space, with doses of Toxici-Tea!™️ – live appearances and commentary on the viral moments in reality TV and celebrity news. Using pop culture, I help people identify toxic behavior and relationships in their own lives, so they can experience real healing and transformation. I continue these conversations as executive producer and host of the podcast, The Change Coach Presents…

      Since my Top 100 podcast debut under the title of, Oooh Those Effin’ C-Words my show has become an audio destination of all things The Change Coach! On the podcast I share recordings from my live events, coaching calls and client sessions, media appearances my community may have missed, live meditations and tips from my signature talks and my Good Grieve framework. It’s a podcast. It’s a community. It’s an audio destination.

      Not only did the podcast debut as a Top 100 show out of more than 13,000 shows, it attracted celebrity and high profile guests from Bravo TV’s Real Housewives of Atlanta and Potomac, the Oprah Winfrey Network TV’s Ready to Love, Revolt TV’s BET On Black, and an Emmy-nominated network TV host to name a few! It went on to earn the distinguished MARCOM award. It has helped me grow and sustain a beautiful community of #emcees.

      And now I hope that includes you.

      Welcome, emcee! I look forward to growing this community with you and for you!


      Marceia Cork | @itsmarceiacork

      Signature Talks:
      My keynote speeches and moderated sessions include:

      surviving the c.r.a.s.h.™️

      Great for: Leaders and high-achievers in high-stress environments, who have experienced burnout or are at risk for burnout.

      To “crash and burn” is a widely-used phrase used to describe the dissension from a high-energy or other favorable environment to a mental or physical space where we feel “down” or “low”. The concept is very often used when discussing stress and burnout in the workplace.

      C.R.A.S.H. is an acronym and methodology for maneuvering the highs and lows in stressful environments and situations. The conversation presents disenfranchised grief along a continuum of identified coping strategies; reflection on past stressors and regrets; awareness of the impacts of past stressors; and then healing and transformation.

      In this talk, Marceia helps organizations and employees assess their position and condition at the intersections of personal and professional grief, change and transformation to heal from or avoid stress and burnout.

      Great for: Leaders and high-achievers in high-stress environments, who have experienced burnout or are at risk for burnout.


      “mineful” MetaTation™️

      Great for: Socially responsible companies expanding their mental and emotional wellness programs and resources with creative, holistic programs. 

      “Meta” is a prefix that means self-referential. In its most basic use, meta is defined as “a subject in a way that transcends its original limits, considering the subject itself as an object of reflection.” Marceia Cork’s MetaTation™️ is coined as such because she has participants visualize meditation–as they meditate.

      Within her proprietary Good Grieve framework, visualization and MetaTation™️ address triggers, memories, and distressing thoughts. Psychology theory tells us how engaging the senses is key to changing behaviors and attitudes. In this talk Marceia integrates the five senses: hearing, sight, smell, taste and touch—into her MetaTation™️, fostering new impressions of trauma or life events. Together, participants broaden their perspective of their life events.

      Rather than suppressing thoughts, the mind becomes a space for surrender. Marceia teaches participants how to apply MetaTation™️ techniques and develop MetaTation™️ mantras that align with the changes and transformation they desire.

      Thairapy™️ live!

      Great for: Beauty partners who normalize and destigmatize mental and emotional support by likening them to the salon and barbershop experience.

      THAIRAPY is an award-winning, immersive series that uses the intimate client/stylist relationship to demonstrate the healing and restoration that can come with expression to a confidante—such as a grief support specialist, or therapist. Participants share their grief story in an environment that replicates the rejuvenative salon experience–testimonies of self-love; needing restoration from past hurts; repairing what’s missing in our lives, relationships and friendships; effective communication and conflict resolution; and self-actualization.

      H.A.I.R. is an acronym and methodology for guiding the experience along a course of healing through expression; awareness of the impacts of past stressors; creating new impressions on the mind; and ultimately staying the course through reinforcement and accountability measures. Marceia uses the very familiar experiences and conversations we will eventually experience—in our stylist’s chairs—as a bridge to mental and emotional health and awareness.

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