Are you at risk of a grief- or stress-induced breakdown in the next 2 years? Know your risk with my free assessment!

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Are you at risk of a grief- or stress-induced breakdown in the next 2 years? Know your risk with my free assessment!

Marceia Cork, The Change Coach!

Certified Change and Grief Recovery Support
And host of the “Oooh, Those Effin’ C-Words” podcast!


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Grief recovery support, and navigating change from major life events.

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    Marceia Cork

    SHRM, HRCI, PROSCI® and Grief Recovery Method® Certified

    I brand myself as The Change Coach! I am a PROSCI® certified change management practitioner, and a grief recovery specialist certified in the Grief Recovery Method®. Grief is the normal and human reaction to change, and the Grief Recovery Method® is a comprehensive, evidenced-based program that I believe in because there are so many life events and changes that don’t get the healing and recovery they need.

    There are over 40 life events in addition to death that can bring on major change, and feelings of grief and loss. Those events include things like divorce and separation, losing a job or even retirement, infertility, a change in our financial state, a personal injury or illness, imprisonment, losing a pet, even the addition or return of a family member.


    Prior to the COVID pandemic of 2019 and 2020 I’d been providing diversity and inclusion, and change solutions to large government agencies, colleges and universities, and booming entities in emerging markets. I helped employees navigate technological changes and changes to their work and day-to-day operations. In the wake of COVID lay-offs, I was compelled to streamline that business model to support the populations uniquely impacted in a competitive job market—those recently released from prison or with criminal histories, those widowed, divorced, or exiting abusive relationships, retirees, former military and relocated military spouses, along with recent graduations or separations from high school or college. What I found in all of these populations was that they were grieving significant personal changes and grief alongside the professional impacts of COVID. That’s why I began offering in-person and virtual coaching and grief support for groups and individuals.

    I also executive produce and host the podcast, Oooh, Those Effin’ C-Words—a show about change and confidence (two words that are so scary they may as well be curse words!) but just as much about navigating the grief that comes with change. As you heal, what do you want to do next?

    My podcast debuted as a Top 100 show out of more than 13,000 shows and has helped me grow a beautiful community of #emcees. And now I hope that includes you. If so, welcome, emcee! I look forward to growing this community with you and for you!



    Marceia Cork | @itsmarceiacork

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